Lead Paint

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Many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint. Lead in paint, house dust and soil can be dangerous if not managed properly. Parents should understand that exposure to low levels of lead can permanently harm their children. Even children who appear healthy can have dangerous levels of lead in their bodies.

Improper remodeling or renovation techniques can quickly contaminate a home with lead. The only way to find out if paint, house dust or soil hazards exist, is to test for them. With professional guidance from Steven E. Rice Environmental Inspections, lead hazards can be controlled in any home. In order to avoid an apparent conflict of interest, Steven E. Rice Environmental Inspections is not associated with any company in the lead-based paint abatement industry but can refer clients to the complete listing of certified abatement professionals and monitor their performance as needed.

A number of complex government regulations have been adopted to help prevent lead poisoning. Steven E. Rice Environmental Inspections has over 30 years of experience in determining the most cost effective solutions to achieve compliance with these rules. He maintains Kentucky Department for Public Health Certifications #41-059 and #46-018 to provide the following lead-based paint services:

• Home Buyer’s Lead Risk Assessments
• Lead-based Paint Inspections
• Visual Inspection of Paint Condition and Location
• Testing for Lead in Paint, Dust and Soil
• X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing is available under Kentucky Radioactive Material License #401-797-20
• Lead Testing of Toys, Furniture, Mini-blinds, Pottery and Drinking Water
• Section 8 Housing Clearance Examinations
• Housing Renovation Clearance Examinations
• Professional Lead-based Paint Consultations and Education