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Asbestos is a cancer hazard and still remains in many older homes and buildings. Asbestos can be present in attic insulation, duct tape, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, vinyl flooring, plaster or drywall, roofing and in other building materials. A property’s value will be lower and an owner’s liability will be greater when asbestos is present.

It is important to determine exactly where all of the asbestos is located and its condition so that hazards can be assessed. Some asbestos containing materials can be safely managed in place while other materials require expensive professional removal to control the health hazard. Asbestos inspection, testing and management design are best provided by an independent, experienced asbestos professional like Steven E. Rice Environmental Inspections who is not associated with an asbestos abatement company, in order to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Steven E. Rice has over 38 years of experience with the inspection, identification and management of asbestos containing materials. He maintains accreditation (#I13-02-0374) as an Asbestos Inspector from the Kentucky Division for Air Quality and receives annual continuing education and competency testing.

Available Asbestos Services Include:
• Home Buyer’s Asbestos Inspections
• Commercial Building Asbestos Inspections
• Pre-Demolition Inspections
• Health Risk Assessments
• Sample Collection and Testing Services
• Consultations
• Asbestos Abatement Supervision